About Us

Chhatak Upozila Education Charitable Trust UK

An organisation to bring sustainable, influential, progressive and positive life-changing work amongst the less fortunate people

in the UK & Bangladesh.

The vision is to establish a charitable Education and Social Enterprise Trust to improve education and to facilitate higher education among the disadvantaged and meritorious poor students. The organisation will be politically non participant and will work for the all citi­zens of Chhatak Upozila regardless of gender, colour or religious identity in UK and Bangladesh.


  • To encourage educational development, primarily at the Chhatak Upozila area.
  • To help students of primary and secondary schools & also colleges by means of financial help, scholarships and bursaries etc.
  • To facilitate modern training programmes for young people to help and encourage, promote and sustain development for their future careers.
  • To establish libraries, IT centres and for access to modern educational programmes up to rural areas.
  • To establish links with various primary and secondary schools by training with schools in the Thus enabling a vital partnership for both parties.
  • To facilitate teacher exchange schemes with UK schools and colleges.
  • To established close links with all the expatriates form Chhatak Upozila living in UK and around the world. An intrinsic medium for welfare in the generations both now and in the future.
  • To establish welfare funds for the poorer students. An indispensable act.
  • To improve educational facilities by providing teaching materials, sports equipment and facilitate educational awareness among the parents.  

We have been keen in working to establish this charitable trust for long time. There is always the obstacle when one tries to united the community, because of extenuating factors. But work needs to be done for all of these good, worthwhile causes. We will never give up with these endeavours and maintain a steel determination. We are a group of truly selfless peoples who came together, and today,

14 June 2022 is a historic moment by the launching of this trust in the presence of so many highly regarded and respected dignitaries and well wishers present in the historic venue. The Mother of all Parliament, the House of Commons Committee room -14.


Presently the literacy rate in the Chhatak Upozila area is an average of 24.5% for 7+ years compared with the national average of 32.4%. We aim for our constant endeavours to see a balancing of this particular statistic as a basis for our continued efforts. This is a genuinely worthwhile role and a role in which we aim to excel in both now and in future generations. This venture is an extremely note­ worthy and rewarding, as it is a bridge of sorts to aid in the educational bettering of future generations. A truly indispensable and rewarding venture.


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